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Hi Shan, I'm your job search buddy. I will help you find jobs at awesome startups.


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Shan, what's your preferred city?

Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

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Great! I am narrowing down the jobs for you. Few more questions to go. What are your skills?

Java, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, CSS, HTML

How It Works

Say Hi to Screenom Bot

Say "Hi" to Screenom's Bot

Say Hi to @Screenom on messenger and share your expertise, and preferences.

@Screenom bot will walk you through the hiring process and provide all relevant information.

Show your skills

Show your skills

Take challenges at your convenience on technologies that match your skill-sets.

You can also build & improve your profile by participating in our monthly challenges.

Get job offers

Get offers

Review interview offers from companies looking for candidate like you. Your performance & preferences will drive recommendations for hiring companies.

Never miss a communication from prospective companies as @Screenom bot will keep you posted on updates.

How does @Screenom bot help?

  • Focuses on interactive application process vs passive.
  • Provides necessary details to you about the job.
  • Guides you through job application process and steps.
  • Asks questions that hiring manager wants you to answer.
  • Captures your intro video for application personalization.
  • + More to come soon!

Screenom Evaluations

Screenom's Multiple Choice Test

Multiple Choice Questions

Some of the tests include multiple choice questions. Each multiple choice question will have two or more answer options to choose from.

Screenom's multiple choice questions are mostly use case based.

Screenom's Coding Tests

Coding Problems

Most of the tests include coding challenges. You would write the code on Screenom's test platform & it will be evaluated against pre-defined set of test cases.

Coding challenges can be of varied complexity including algorithms, problem solving, bug fixes and so on.

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