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e-commerce funnel approach to hiring

A startup is not only built around a problem, potential solution but also people. In order to scale, you need to have a team that can achieve goals consistently. Applying ecommerce techniques to hiring can improve quality of hires & startup branding.

Story of a typical talent acquisition team

The way talent aquisition team functions today hasn't evelved even after having so many online tools available. How does the talent acqusition team functions today and what are the challanges faced by them, a story of a recruiter.

Emergence of Performance Based Hiring

In today’s high paced environment, recruiting highly-skilled talented individuals is the top priority for any organization followed by improving the quality of hire. Identification of high performing individuals automatically becomes the next prerogative

Importance of performance based hiring

Onboarding candidates in IT/ITES based or similar organizations has been a complex, time taking, and costly process. Any organization will prefer to build talent pool or hire candidates that are best suitable for their project and contribute significantly towards the project and organizational growth.