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Emergence of Performance Based Hiring

  • 09th Jul, 2015

Hiring talent is increasingly becoming synonymous to Olympics motto ‘Citius – Altius – Fortius’. These translate to ‘Faster – Higher – Stronger’'. I find close resemblance of this motto with the overall trend in recruitment industry.

  • Hire Fast

  • Hire High Quality Candidates

  • Make your hiring process Strong using data

In today’s high paced environment, recruiting highly-skilled talented individuals is the top priority for any organization followed by improving the quality of hire. Identification of high performing individuals automatically becomes the next prerogative which has triggered introduction of lot of new products which tries to re-define the talent acquisition process. I have tried to narrow down 5 key areas of focus that helps to achieve high degree of success in building a great team and are in-line with the emerging trend.

  • The Network Effect – Tapping into social professional networks to find & attract high quality candidates. Needless to say social hiring has seen quite an upsurge as a channel to recruit good quality candidates and will continue to emerge among the preferred channel of sourcing in near future.

  • Performance based hiring – Test before you hire and know your prospective candidates capabilities in advance. This not only helps the technical & talent acquisition team to arrive at an informed decision but also expedites the overall process. There are quite a few new entrant in the market on this line & Screenom is among one of them which promises to build a one stop shop to gauge a candidate’s capabilities in a time & cost
    effective manner.

  • Technology as an Enabler – Use of technology to expedite and optimize interview is needed more than ever. From applying job-candidate matching techniques to testing the cognitive skills of the candidate or using smart schedulers to manage overall hiring process – optimizing the overall process & technique will continue which is well supported by emerging products in this domain.

  • Go Mobile – Provide 2 way ease of access which is platform independent. Enable applicants to learn about opportunities and provide interface to run through initial assessment rounds via multiple channels or methods. On the other hand, enable hiring managers to effectively use mobile platforms to successfully manage the recruitment
    life cycle.

  • Build candidate engagement eco-system – Recruitment is becoming more like marketing where you have to stand out among the crowd to engage best in the market. This will not only build your talent brand but also reduce the cost of hiring by allowing potential talents to connect with you for future opportunities.

Upcoming years are exciting for the hiring industry as the archaic method of one-size-fits-all approach employed by many talent providers & products will fade away and we are bound to see innovation in this field. For a long period of time I have seen a lot of products trying to solve the recruitment puzzle by addressing only one of the key area or phase or recruitment however there is none which provided a full stack solution.

This is the vision that we carry for Screenom and we are on the path to create a seamless experience for hiring & technical team which addresses their key requirements in each phase of talent acquisition.