Screenom Assessment

A cloud based collaborative technical assessment platform, that helps organizations to quickly and easily evaluate large number of candidates for technical roles.

Recruitment with Screenom Assessment Platform

Save Time with Screenom

Saves Time

Take the guess work out of your hiring process. Invite candidates in bulk for Screenom's coding test which can provide detailed insight about the candidates' true technical understanding and their programming skills.

Based on the coding test result filter best candidates for face to face interview and save considerable time of your technical team. Reduce your time to hire by nearly 40%.

Get the best quality candidate with Screenom

Get the best quality

Quality of the candidates assessed through Screenom is ensured by the vast question banks drafted by experienced developers from Microsoft, Accenture, CTS, Google Dev Groups & authors from Udemy & Pluralsight.

Screenom engages with industry experts thourgh a separate expert program, which ensures the uniqueness and vastness of our question banks, and also to bring in diversity in interview process.

Save money with Screenom

Save Money

Spending exorbitant amount for hiring developers? By using Screenom you can now not only save direct cost of hiring such as agency commission but also save your technical team from investing time with un-verified candidates.

Not only that, Screenom is the most inexpensive solution available in the market. Screenom's pricing plans allows you to pay only for the evaluated candidates. No need of complicated subscription plans, pay as you use.

How It Works

  Create Test

Choose one of the pre-defined test templates for your job position or create one by specifying the skill requirements

Use Screenom's question banks for your tests or create your own set of coding and objective type questions

Screenom offers a various job position based test templates and also questions of different lenth & complexities.

  Invite Candidates

Invite candidates by email address, to take the online test. Invite individual or in bulk.

Test link that goes out in the email will have an expiry of 72 hours but configurable.

Test can be proctored via webcam as well as a few other event tracking at the candidate end.

  Review & Interview

Get notified when individual candidates completes the test. Review the test report

Sort and pick the candidates by the test score. Pick the top N candidates for futher interviews.

Candidates will be graded based on their performance in the test.

Screenom Evaluations

Screenom's Multiple Choice Test

Multiple Choice Questions

Some of the tests include multiple choice questions. Each multiple choice question will have two or more answer options to choose from.

Screenom's multiple choice questions are mostly use case based.

Screenom's Coding Tests

Coding Problems

Most of the tests include coding challenges. You would write the code on Screenom's test platform & it will be evaluated against pre-defined set of test cases.

Coding challenges can be of varied complexity including algorithms, problem solving, bug fixes and so on.


API Integration

We can integrate with your existing ATS to bring hassle free access of Screenom from your existing tool.

Pre-Configured Tests

Enjoy the comfort of configurable or pre-defined tests so that you can execute tests with a single click. Learn more ..

Test Proctoring

Be assured that we capture any instances of malpractices via our video & proctoring code-replay features.

Lateral & Campus Hiring

Screenom's solution is apt for your campus or lateral hiring requirements. Hire with confidence!

Code Compilers

We support multiple language compilers which includes Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Scala & many more. You name it & we have support for it.

Data Analytics

Get comprehensive report on candidate's core skills which helps you to take hiring decisions easily.


Go a notch up with your talent acquisition process and hire with confidence by evaluating candidates with Screenom.

Expert Connect

Connect with our Expert panel for your specific hiring requirements or guidance & be assured of personalised services.

Pricing - Screenom Assessment

Our pricing is simple and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.



  • Always Free
  • Evaluate 15 candidates / month
  • Limited Test Configurations
  • Basic Test Reports
  • Proctoring Disabled
  • Single User Account



  • Valid for 6 months
  • Evaluate 150 Candidates
  • All Test Configurations & Skills
  • Detailed Test Reports
  • Proctoring View
  • Access for 5 users



  • Valid for 12 months
  • Evaluate 500 Candidates
  • All Test Configurations & Skills
  • Detailed Test Reports
  • Proctoring View
  • Access for 10 users

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