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Screenom's Bot - your hiring buddy helps you attract, evaluate and engage candidates for your open positions.
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How It Works

Get Onboard

Sign up and create your company profile. Use our platform to publish content and job openings at your organization on popular social media sites.

Pre-evaluated Recommendations

Take the waiting game out of the equation & get instant pre-evaluated candidate recommendations who can be invited for further round of interviews.

Hire best with confidence

Engage candidates using our visual candidate management system for a hassle free experience. You get all the tools & support to hire candidates with confidence.

How does @Screenom help?

  • Post rich content and job requirements on social networking sites.
  • First point of contact for job applicants. Provides necessary details to candidates about the job.
  • Help candidates through job application process.
  • Evaluate candidates by asking relevant questions.
  • Configure coding test and share it with the candidate if required.
  • Evaluate candidate at top of the hiring funnel.
  • Capture candidate intro video for application personalization.
  • Updates candidate on hiring process and stages.
  • + More to come soon!

Value Propositions

Build your talent brand

Screenom allows you to post content and job position on popular social networking sites so that you can build healthy talent pipeline as well as your talent brand

For the New Age Recruiter

Screenom saves your time by personalizing experience for candidates throughout the hiring process. Now you can focus more on the right candidate and let Screenom take care of candidate engagement and evaluation.

Holistic Hiring Tool

Our talent marketplace includes chat bot hiring buddy, job board, a visual candidate management system and an evaluation platform driven by experienced professionals from the industry.


Unlike other marketplaces or tools, we do not charge you exorbitant price for a successful hire. Screenom is true SaaS with apt pricing.

Data Analytics

Screenom uses data extensively to bring you the best candidates for your hiring requirements. We pre-evaluate candidates so that you don't have to invest time on filtering right candidates for the job.

Screenom Pricing

79.99 49.99 USD per user per month

(valid for next 12 months for new account sign up by Oct 2016)

  • Unlimited Job Publishing
  • All Skills & Questions
  • Unlimited Evaluations
  • Access to candidate management system
  • Test session monitoring
  • Configure custom questions
  • Chatbot automation

30 day FREE trial!

(With limited job publishing, questions and evaluations)

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